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Member Card

Important Information About Your Debit Card

Your MemberCard® debit card is the key to a wide range of self-serve options. Use your debit card around town or on the road.

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MemberCard® Paired with Chip Technology

Frontline's MemberCard® debit cards provide a safe and convenient way to access your money. Thanks to the newest in chip technology, which increases user authentication, and paired with chip terminals your MemberCard® has never offered more peace of mind for any ATM withdrawals or point of sale purchases.

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ATM Network

Frontline members have access to The EXCHANGE® Network, a shared network of full-service ATMs in all 10 provinces across the country that allows members to withdraw and depsoit funds on a surcharge free basis. Just look for The EXCHANGE® Network logo on ATMs or use the ATM locator to plan ahead.

When you are travelling in the US, The EXCHANGE® Network is still available to you. The majority of Exchange ATMs in the US are also surcharge free but you may find that some states will have a nominal charge.

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Ways to Use the Card

  • Cash withdrawals

  • View account balances

  • Deposit cash and cheques at some ATMs

  • Point of sale purchases

  • ​PIN changes in branch and at some ATMs

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MemberCard® with Interac® Flash

Everyday purchases made fast and easy with this contactless payment feature.


Lost or Stolen MemberCard?

You are responsible to report your card immediately if it has been lost or stolen.

Contact us at 613-729-4312 during regular office hours or call 1-888-277-1043 after hours.

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Interac® Flash
Top Three Myths Debunked

Myth #1

Fraudsters can steal my card information right from my wallet.

Not true. Interac® Flash uses EMV-based secure chip processing instead of magnetic strip data processing. This protects Interac Flash against skimming, counterfeiting, and transaction replay types of fraud.

Myth #2

I might pay for something by standing too close to a merchant terminal with an Interac® Flash-enabled debit card in my wallet.

Not true. Your card needs to be less than 4cm away from the terminal and positioned at a particular angle in order to make a purchase.

Myth #3

If my Interac® Flash-enabled debit card is lost or stolen, my account could be emptied before I even realise it.

Not true. Spending limits require the cardholder to enter their PIN once set limits are reached. Typical limits are $100 for single transactions and $200 cumulative limits.