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Who We Are


Banking at its Best

Credit Unions are Financial Cooperatives, not banks.  At Frontline Credit Union, our professional team of employees are here for you. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether it's planning for your retirement, purchasing your dream home, or just looking for that perfect vehicle, our team of dedicated professionals are here to serve you.  To learn more about our Credit Union and our products and services, CLICK HERE


Member Testimonial

"I shifted my three monthly auto-payments for insurance from TD over to Frontline, and apparently there were digits missing in the transaction coding. With any “big bank”, the transaction simply would have bounced, the insurance company would have been mad at me, and no one would have known what happened. Instead, Gina provided me with the correct information to provide my broker with. The difference between a big bank and being with your team is so profoundly different, black vs white doesn’t even begin to cover it. Perhaps black hole vs shining star…that sense of everything disappearing into the big bank vortex…just so different. "   


​Experience the difference of dealing with our Credit Union, we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations.

Steve Kingan, CEO of Frontline Credit Union
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Our credit union

Frontline Credit Union was founded in 1948 by our very own Ottawa Fire Fighters. From humble beginnings of a select few, to now over 5000 members, predominantly working in Fire, Health and Hydro services, and 22 staff who strive to offer the best possible service. At Frontline, improving the financial well being of our members and their families is our main objective. The key to providing different and valued service is our understanding of the complexities of family financial situations and providing creative and efficient banking solutions. We are a full service financial institution with a twist, and we specialize in offering quality banking and investing, and sharing benefits to improve all of our members financial lives.

Our principles

Frontline Credit Union offers whole family financial services and strives to help our members achieve financial wellness. We offer a different style of banking, and it’s of the co-operative variety!

What is co-operative banking?

Simply put, it’s banking where profits have a higher purpose - they're returned to you in the form of great rates and better service, and put back into the communities where you live and work to do good. 

We believe the difference is felt upon entering any of our branches. Our member first philosophy separates us from the norm. As a member you belong to something different and very special and have access to experts in a variety of areas of banking. From mortgages and loans, Investments, the right chequing account options, and high interest savings accounts, we can help. 

Belong to something that’s meaningful; let us prove how our relationships make banking different.


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​​​Our leaders

Frontline Credit Union is guided by our experienced Leadership Team and diverse Board of Directors, chosen by you. With a wide range of backgrounds, these individuals ensure we stay on the cutting edge of financial services and customer care for our members.

Meet some of our Board of Directors


​2022 was a big year for us. Check out our 2022 Financial Statement.


​Curious to see what we've been up to in your community? Take a look at some of our latest news highlights. 


Interested in becoming a member?

​Join Frontline Credit Union and create your personal path to real financial success. 

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