Term Deposits

Term Deposits are the perfect investment for anyone looking for a guaranteed rate of return. Essentially, they are safe and secure and offer greater interest rates than any conventional savings account with flexible term length options!

Feel free to ask us about term deposits and how they can be an investment option for you.

Index-Linked Term Deposits

Simply Secure!

Performance driven

Index-Linked Term Deposits are fixed term deposits that pay a return based on the performance of the S&P/TSX 60 Index*


Index-Linked Term deposits have the security of principal protection. No matter what happens to the stock market, you are guaranteed the return of your principal when your deposit matures.


- 100% principal protection

- Provincial deposit insurance

- RRSP and TFSA eligible

- No fees or commissions

Other Features:

Minimum Investment
$1000 for both registered and non-registered investments.

Term Length
Available in both 3 and 5 year terms.

Not redeemable prior to maturity.

Deposit Insurance
The principal and any return on Index-Linked Term Deposits are insured subject to prescribed insurance limits in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Credit Union's deposit insurance coverage. Please ask us for details!

Calculating Interest
The investment return on the deposit will be based upon the participation rate multiplied by the average return of the Standard and Poor's/TSX 60 Index over the term of the deposit. The average is calculated by adding the monthly averaging date closing values for the Standard and Poor's/TSX 60 Index between the start date and the maturity date and dividing that total by the months in the term. The investor will receive the percentage difference between the average and the starting value, multiplied by the participation rate.

Sounds complicated but we can help clarify!

Unlike other term deposits, there is no guaranteed rate of return on this product. Depending on the performance of the stocks comprising the Standard and Poor's/TSX 60 Index over the term, it is possible that, at maturity, the investor will receive only their principal back.

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*past performance of the Index does not guarantee future performance. The return on deposit will fluctuate in relation to the performance of the stocks underlying the Index. The value of the Index used to determine the return on the Index-linkeds term Deposit will be determined by the Credit Union Central of Ontario Limited or its designee.


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