Mutual Funds*

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For a diverse investment plan

The Skinny

Mutual funds are a collection of individual securities, including stocks and bonds. These groupings of investments are then purchased by many individual investors who benefit from the collective buying power of the group. Investing in mutual funds then gives the individual ownership to part of the holdings within the specific fund.

Let's break down the benefits.


Thankfully most funds are purchased and cashed with a limited penalty attached, even on short notice.


The definition above leads into this concept. Because you have a group of people buying into a group of different securities, Mutual funds assure that your money is well diversified, reducing the risk of your investment.


Gaining access to a wealth of funds is easy and open for all types of investors that would only be available to an individual at a high price tag. A well-balanced portfolio can be made possible with the mass of mutual funds available and choices simplified with the help of a qualified wealth consultant.

To Sum it Up

Mutual funds* combine the benefits of diversification and professional asset management with affordability - making them an ideal solution for many investors.

Our seasoned Credential Asset Management Inc. wealth consultants have access to thousands of quality mutual funds* from top performing fund families like:

  • Fidelity
  • Dynamic
  • AGF
  • Invesco Trimark
  • Franklin Templeton
  • NEI

Together, they'll work with you to understand your overall investment strategy and make recommendations on the right mix of mutual funds* for your financial goals.


Managed Solutions

Managed solutions are essentially a combination of funds that allow for further diversification of your portfolio. Managed solutions can be a great option when it comes to saving money for your retirement. They are wrap products or funds of funds that are professionally managed and selected based on your specific risk tolerance level.


On Course Portfolios*

Get all the vital components of successful investing, and the benefits of a managed asset program, in one simple solution with OnCourse Portfolios*.

Designed  to meet a variety of investment needs, OnCourse Portfolios* are expertly managed and effectively diversified - helping you make the most of opportunities in Canada, and all over the world.

With as little as $1,000 to invest, you get access to quality investment solutions made up of a selection of hand-picked mutual funds from award winning asset management firms.

Access to OnCourse Portfolios* is available exclusively to members of participating credit unions.

To learn more visit: or contact a Wealth Expert.


*Mutual funds and financial planning are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments and the use of an asset allocation service. Please read the prospectus of the mutual funds in which investment may be made under the asset allocation service before investing. Unless otherwise stated, mutual fund securities and cash balances are not insured nor guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.


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